11/14/22 9:22 PM

It's been a while since Ive done any news updating!! Recently I have been living a better life and I feel at peace with myself and my new dear friends, I have been going crazy over mob psycho 100 and my s&s gc are mop siko lovers as well we have a lot in common and have shared many fun times together!!! I have also made a fanfic on ao3 thank you so much crow for ur acc luv u real!!! (link to fanfic: https://archiveofourown.org/works/43049895 ) I have been doing good in school and im just chillin and living my best life at the moment!!! Im really greatfull for them aheem a list of the new best frans real and shout out to the shawdies in the Mp100 discord server yall are great!!! (LIVERSS FOR LIFERSSS!!!!)

  • Crow (fatha of mine real)
  • Den (serizawa in the real)
  • Inari (da best frannnn get me a boli next tiem pls)
  • Vera (f slur f slur f slur)
  • Wire (homotron 3000)
  • Xenn (vriska kinnie)
  • Bin (insert heterosexual emoji)
  • Cheri (aw yeah mop ur so small cute!)
  • Ash (aw yeahhhh ashhh lets gooo)
  • 1/27/23 8:58 AM

    Happy new year and holidays everyone!!!! I am coming back to say I am chillin my killing and to show everyone I am still alive LOLOLL (´◑ω◐`) I reunited with some old friends and have made some few new ones as well which i am very happy abt :3c Lately I havent been doing much but catching up on some school work ehehehe....IHATEITSOMUCHAOUHGHGH but anyways, I recently have decided to make my own webcomic which I will update 'writings' to be 'webcomic' instead in the near future!!! Its just some silly idea my awesome pa gave me and I really think it would be fun for me 2 do when I have free time. For now I am at limbo not really doing anything but not nothing at the same time just there which I dont mind, I think its better when I am bored and not bombarded with so many things tbh... have some lil gifs and such.

    4/8/23 9:32 PM

    Hi its me again!! I got hired yay!! ive been so isolated and alone and i find it hard to talk to people now...hopefully with this job Im able to get better at talking to other people, I have to stop my NEET behavior or else its going to get worse...but other than that I dyed my hair and cut it, it looks cute esp when I do pigtails. I also seem to go on twt often...learning new bad habits and doing the same ones again over and over is so hard to live with. Ive been trying to get better but its really hard, im doing my best though :) Enough of worriesome things I do that too often on the daily blerhhhhg. School is stressful as usual though so its hard to not complain about it but its mostly my fault for not doing my best. I guess the thoughts have been to overbearing recently and it makes it hard to focus darn my ADHD....i hate it

    7/20/23 9:30 PM

    I keep peeping the fucking horrors, holy shit!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH idk what to say mostly because there is nothing new to update other than the fact that each passing moment I become even more delusional and shut out from the real world but its okay because im so realpilled and based, lolololol!! Im looking to start going back into coding more for this website and try to make it more fucking better than this plain ass horror shit I have going on, anyways slayyyyyyy idfk :3 okai baii

    東京事変 椎名林檎 ロック バンド 音楽 GIFfrom Guitar GIFs

    11/3/23 1:31 AM

    hewoo my awesome loyal consumers Im back!!! kinda lolol ive been busy with school as im a senior this year and working hard and shit but hopefully I have free time later on the year to actually stay to what I wanted to do and fix up the website. I might do it slowly and test out a few things here and there before I impliment it on the main areas so keep ur eyes open for it!! I also recently bought a skeleton and its silly!!

    join the server they have a gun to my head..LOLOL

    click here for server link!

    11/9/23 11:23 AM

    Haii everyone!! Ive just went back in person YAY!!! This week has been easy to me, ive been doing super good in math which im surprised since its finacial algebra and I am SO ASSSSS at algebra so yay 2 me!! I made a few friends that I hang out with so I am not a total fucking loner loser weirdo so very happy abt that. I have been very tired after school so I havent had chance to play around with the website and make it look cooler or something like that at the moment. Im literally typing this in class aka the math class ok byee we gotta do thinguus. I dont have school Friday so I will drink the night away with a nice bottle of wine I have and eat some snacks and watch some shows!!

    1/25/24 12:32 PM

    its been a few months!! happy new year :3c Currently i might be able to graduate early!! yayy!!! super excited for that and ive passed all my finals too. Ive been going out and walking out at night, life has been good other than like 1 person that seems to not be such a good friend!! Been too busy with school to work on the website aughh supa sad about that but either way its fine. I hope you enjoy these pictures from my walks. I also recommend watching Blue Spring (2001) its on Youtube!! Recently ive been doing much more poetry and writing and I think its been doing good for my writing skills!!


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