12/6/21 6:45 PM

Hello, This is the first little thingy I will be posting, hopefully you come and check what's going on with me. Im not sure but I think I will be getting some great news soon. Im away from home for the next month. It's been 3 months now, can't wait to go back home and sleep all day or consume the elixer I like to pour into my mouth. With this being my first post I'll let you on a little secret, I have been in most corners of the internet lurking, same vussie that observes. It's fun to do things. Maybe you can find something in my website? Hiddnen somewhere or not? Only I know. :)

1/3/22 7:12 PM

It's been a while, I'm sorry for that. I have been busy with things and I'm finally almost going back home I can't wait for that just have to wait till the 10th of this month. I have been stressed, my family has become even more insuferable the past weeks and the holidays were bad for me I hate the holidays, I always try to look foward for them but they always end up disapointing me...maybe once I get back home I can finally relax. Funny how this is my vacation but I have done 0 relaxing at all. When I get back home I plan to do a lot of things and get my shit togther for once. I feel for this year to be good I needed something to change and for what this stressful family has given to me I need to swallow it and keep on going and once I reach where I am satisfied I will tell them all off and show them that I am better then what they said.

1/30/22 4:15 AM

I have grown even more depressed I can't fathom how much I want to rip my hair out at this point. At least I'm home that's all that matters now at the current moment. I can't sleep, my eyes start to cry by themselves. I don't want to live anymore....but I will continue to do so because I have a goal in my life that I won't disclose on here just yet. Other than me being in pure agony this past month, I have bought some cool things related to animes and a hatsune miku figure. School isnt that bad so that's one good thing, I was able to get a week off but on tuesday I start again, which I don't mind all I've been doing was sleeping so doing something productive would be good for me for once. I have been thinking on trying to make my own web-board like 4chan and CC (crystal cafe) but without all the incels, just for people who don't fit in with incels or "normies" either...people who are in the middle.

2/7/22 10:49 PM

I have recently went to go pick up someone and I took a picture of the scenery, I admire and love where I live. I always get to see how beautiful nature is around the spring time. I always seem to smile at nature, I wish I could live in the country side and wake up with sun filled morning and hear the birds chirp, smell the crisp fresh air and stare at nature while it smiles back at me. I have been practicing how to make chocolate for Valentine's day so I can gift some to my loved ones. I hope they enjoy it, it's fun making the chocolate. I think I will also try to bake this chocolate dessert I saw online a couple of day's ago. I think I'm going to be suprised on the 14th..hopefully I am right about that or else I would have given myself false hope. My grandmother gave me a bracelet this weekened It's supposed to give me good luck, I think I can see the diffrence in my days after I got it. I feel good.

3/18/22 11:06 PM

My birthday was the 2nd of this month, yay!! One year closer to my death is something that I celebrate happily...I got some nice presents and will get my hair done soon again!! Will of course dye my hair red again lol...I made a blog so if you are intrested in seeing that click on the picture below...Maybe I will be more active on there than here...im not the best at html and css but i've been trying to get better and understand it some more but I did post two new posts on the blog so make sure to read that if you would like to ^_^..also if you come across that blog without reading this than here is me stating that I am the person running it and not some random person on the internet that has the same name as me lol ^_^.