I am me, I am vussie

Hi I'm vussie!! I like to do a lot of random things and dabble in niche sort of hobbies from time to time.

I like cryptic and horror things but I also enjoy cutesy stuff...I like a lot of things so it's hard to write them all down. But some main things I can think of is music, movies, games, anime, web boards, art, and learning about new things!!!

I made this website to be an outlet for my thoughts and I have a lot of thoughts. Hopefully you find my anticts entertaining.

I am open about anything and love indulging in weird things from time to time.

I really am a fanatic for redbull, I dont know why but I guess I have some sort of addiction to it for years now, I really only drink it for the flavour kek

a little warning that sometimes I can say some depressing things and s/h topics could be brought up but I will always add a tw for them if I post any in -news- or -random-

My neocities profile link ^_^